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I couldn’t , but he lived

I can smell something rotting around me, maybe it is me . Iam not sure anymore after what happened tonight.

All i can see is flames , surrounding me , the flame is searing into my skin , I can’t breathe , my lungs is filled with fumes and toxic gas. I can see  him now , his eyes fixed on me , with a smile filled with happiness which didn’t reach his eyes. I broke his heart , still he loved me , how could he? After all I did he shouldn’t love me at all.

I remember now just before I was going to say that I love him someone crashed into us , our car flipped . We were not wearing seatbelts, he was thrown out of the window , in slow motion like it happened in movies. Except this was real .

Before i can admit my mistake , he was gone from me . I lost him , for forever….

But i needed to tell him something , everything , all of it , but now i can’t.

Hey guys if you like this 1st part then check out my  part 2, please give feedbacks​ 😊😊😉


Here is the second part   🙂



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