Downward Spiral

Hey guys should I continue it ??
I am confused.

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Finally Unchained

There is a dark presence in every one of us, but we acknowledge to ignore it, boy sometimes that works wonders for us.

I am sure you are familiar with a spider’s net , so intriguing in its own way. The curves , the unending pain of  the stuck victims , which strikes fear in its prey’s heart. With the final fatal blow-in the form of dying, bitten and eaten alive by some monstrous creature, thus choking the life out of an organism. All of this happening, in the shadows, waiting for the darkness to engulf the light.


There is an old saying – “you get what you deserve”, but some get so little, which is beneath them. Bad things happen, even much more to good people.  Those who make us suffer, are doing it from the shadows, shadows that we cast, without our knowledge.

You and I …

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