Daily Prompt


via Daily Prompt: Toothbrush

I opened my eyes , it was pitch black in here , terrifying my very soul. I couldn’t breathe ,I was stuck in a plastic container , with no legs and no arms , I couldn’t move.

I can’t remember what the hell happened to me.

Did I have any pills? Who am I? I know nothing.

After a moments , I heard some voice – ‘take the whole pack inside , I am coming after 2 min , just behind you dr.

‘Someone please help me’ , I was screaming but nobody heard me ,I had a terrible feeling, I won’t make it.

I felt a loud thud , and hit my head. There was no longer the creepy darkness lurking around , now the light was shining everywhere , I looked around.

I was confused as I was in a bag of laundry , shampoo , and soaps.

To my surprise someone picked me up , my chest was being crushed and I felt an unsettling pain and they finally let me go. ‘Hayley cut that box and pick one of your choice’ , said the big ol lady. I opened my eyes and finally I was free and Hayley took me out of that box prison and set me infront of a mirror.

I couldn’t believe it , I was a toothbrush , a blue one.

Can I have the blue one mom? Ofcourse you can sweetie .

It wasn’t fair , I looked to the other brushes , they were lifeless, they didn’t seem like me, a normal person.

Yes I was angry , still am .




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