A Very Disappointing Day


Hello guys, I am posting two of my recent quotes, which I previously posted on my insta account, those who are not in insta can see them here.

Today was a truly truly crappy day for me, my pc just went downhill. Motherboard, processor, smps, ups and finally my monitor everything blew up and caused a short circuit. Now I am trying to convince my parents to loan me the money so I can fix it 😭😭

This is the day I lost everything dear to me. If anyone have any suggestion then comment below and let me know what you think I should do. M not in good state ri8 now, so bear with me. 🙏🙏


19 comments on “A Very Disappointing Day”

  1. That is very frustrating ! Our PC is our daily tool… I would have an expert look at it… maybe it can be fixed? Otherwise what I would do is collect money online, there are sites specially for it, and ask all my family and friends to tip in if they want and on the side I would sell stuff I don’t use anymore for extra money etc 😋… i hope you solve that problem soon darling

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