Happy Monday


This incident occurred when we went on a trip to- Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Read what happened next-

While snorkeling for the very first time, I had finally gained control of my breathing and started to relax when I saw this black, snakelike thing swimming close to my chest. I began screaming and quickly swam back to the boat. It was a big relief when the β€œsnake” turned out to be the belt strap from my life jacket.

Also, a recent quote of mine-

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I will weave your words into tiny tales And adorn them on my heart Which is waiting to feel your love. In this infinite world, You are my finite stop, my home, my love. Β© Pia Majumdar . . . My entry for poetry contest- @the_deep_poet @jxjulianne @theartofzachx . . . #blogbypia #poetryisalive #poetsdaily #writerinmaking #noticemesosh #seemesimplygeorgy #bloggersofinstagram #spilledink #writerinprogress #perrypoetry #puzzlemepretty #poetryforthesoul #puzzlefeed #beautifullypainful #shreyamaurya #mfirechild #poetrytribe #poetrylove #poetry_addicts #writingtoinspire #thestreetquotes #verraun #ontheblog #bloggergirl #wordswithqueens #penguinpoetrynyc #excerptsofstories #omypoetry #ipreview @preview.app

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24 comments on “Happy Monday”

      1. I didn’t ,cobra did. My mother saw it first .Later he ran away from home .Me & my brother were watching it from window.
        later someone called a guy who catches snakes so he came & took snake with him ….

        Funny part was My mom thought it was belt & was gonna pick it up. πŸ˜‚


  1. I was expecting something really mysterious as the post started :P. Moments like these do really bring a wide smile and sometimes hysterically laughs which can go on for minutes at a stretch. Happy swimming with the snake… lol!

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