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The stale take out

The stale take-out dinner from last night Is still kept untouched on the table How can they eat When they are engaged with each other Throughout the whole night Writhing in each other’s arm, Panting and moaning in unison With gleam of victory and satisfaction Cascading down through the bare spine One hopes for complete

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ur floating thoughts #20 (By Pia Majumdar): What Hurts The Most, Healed Me — The Floating Thoughts

Hey guys, it’s my first guest post in like forever, so happy that I finally went ahead with the idea and did it. Go on and read the full post, just click on the link below 😍💖💖 Author: Pia Majumdar (Visit her page ) Title: What Hurts The Most, Healed Me Genre: Short Story You

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Those Dabba Days

Remember those ‘dabba’ days when we used to share ours together without caring who thought what of us judging with their hungry eyes. Remember those ‘dabba’ days when the teacher turned his back on his we immediately started to gorge on food opening tiffins without thinking what was inside. Remember those ‘dabba’ days when my

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