Category: Scribbles

When The Light Went Dark

While I was stranded in complete darkness, arms spread in front of me, hoping to find a way out, I touched something strange, felt like someone’s face. I don’t want to sound mean, but the dead are pretty clueless. I’ve always seen them. When I was younger everyone thought I was just talking to imaginary

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For You Momma

Lost in deep thoughts, suddenly a warm touch caressed my hairs and finally rested on my shoulder… It’s been far too long, stop thinking about what happened And look forward what is yet to happpen. The words struck with me ever since. – Pia Majumdar This is for you momma, my constant inspiration, my buddy

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The stale take out

The stale take-out dinner from last night Is still kept untouched on the table How can they eat When they are engaged with each other Throughout the whole night Writhing in each other’s arm, Panting and moaning in unison With gleam of victory and satisfaction Cascading down through the bare spine One hopes for complete

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