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Vote Sometimes Stellar Storyteller Six Word Story Challenge

  Hello wonderful  people, this is my first ever attempt for 6 word challenge, I hope it goes smoothly. Entry opens every Friday at This week, the theme is, “Charade,” and my submission for the same is- “Finally spoke to her. Left flowers”. A lil friendly reminder, if you like my entry then please

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So far away

Hey guys, my favourite dj in the world world dropped a new song today, listen to it. It’s amazing thats why I am sharing this with you guys, my favourite followers, you will thank me later 😉 Go and put on your headphones 😍 So far away- Martin Garrix

Don’t know why

Bespectacled and plump, Rohit Shetty, appeared more like a stamp collector than a mass murderer. While visiting his family during puja holidays in 2016, the 14 year-old, school going kid read a Dostoevsky novel upstairs while his mom, dad, and sister huddled around a TV downstairs. After he was finished reading he bathed, put on

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How to get back together after several years?

Have you broken up several years ago but still wondering if it is possible to get back with that ex? Many times relationships don’t end up working out but circumstances can change. Other times you just become mature or are faced with certain life lessons that push you to understand mistakes that you may have

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