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No need to be afraid anymore

Just as he was starting to calm down, he heard a knock on the door. He turned around quickly, his heart beating like a drum, and took a few steps forward. He was having a hard time breathing now, but he didn’t notice that. If his fingernails were digging into his palms hard enough to

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We don’t talk anymore, but I do miss you.

I look behind me, and the soft blur steadies slowly, squinted my eyes a few more times and I now see clearly. It’s a broken bridge, there’s a hollow gap, a deep emptiness that separates us. We used to share intimate little spaces, strange but familiar darkness, and the perfect amount of comfortable silence. I

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What to do when your child is a psychopath?

  At 11, Priya was just over 4 feet tall and has wavy black hair and a steady gaze.  She flashed a smile when I ask about her favorite subject (biology) and grimaces when I ask about her least favorite (math).  She seems poised and cheerful, a normal preteen.  But when we steer into uncomfortable

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