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Ria Diaries Episode 7: The Final Twist Part 1

“Mr. Bose, you look pale after the phone call? Anything wrong?” Uncle questioned the honest looking man. “It was him again, forcing me to get into this business, threatening me day and night to be a part of this drug cartel case you and your little niece cracked a few weeks ago. The channel is

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Ria Diaries Episode 6: Dripping

“Ria wake up, your uncle is calling you downstairs”, I heard mom’s urgent voice from the cracked door. As I hurried down the stairs, I couldn’t shake an unpleasant feeling inside, that something terrible is going to happen. “Ria why were you so late? Anyways Mr. Bakshi is getting transferred to another station, tomorrow morning

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Ria Diaries Episode 1: The First Murder Case

So here I was standing, with a dead body of a lady lying, I assume to be around the age of 25-26. “What was her age?” asked by Inspector Chowdhury, my lovely uncle. “26”, said by a young, muscular. Ah, my assumption was right. I am always right! Lowered my spectacles in pride. Moving on…

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