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Ria Diaries Episode 4: The Haunted Warehouse Part 2

Continuation from the first part… Vanished into thin air. “Oh my god that was a real ghost, I don’t want to die here, what have I done…”, shouted Mr Bakshi. “Come on Bakshi, gather courage, you are a policeman for God’s sake!”, argued my Uncle. But I was in my own mind, lost, what have

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Ria Diaries Episode 3: The Haunted Warehouse Part 1

The calling bell rang…It’s 10 PM. Who could it be? “Roy, at this hour?”, Mother cried… “Where’s Ria? There you are, get dressed we have an interesting case you will love it…” “Do you find this a joke every time taking my dear daughter to cases like such? Last day I heard she was examining

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Ria Diaries Episode 1: The First Murder Case

So here I was standing, with a dead body of a lady lying, I assume to be around the age of 25-26. “What was her age?” asked by Inspector Chowdhury, my lovely uncle. “26”, said by a young, muscular. Ah, my assumption was right. I am always right! Lowered my spectacles in pride. Moving on…

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