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Summer is here

“You’ve been treating it like a summer home; vacant, drafty, neglected; and yet you expect it to be in top working order whenever you decide to honor it with your presence”, he scolds. “But I must inhabit the bustling city, my first home, if I am to survive the marathons of days of disembodied vigilance.”

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Our past lives, it’s like Déjà vu

They say past lives don’t exist They aren’t real We just need to hear about ourselves It’s how we cope, just how we deal. We only exist until we don’t DNA is why we’re “unique” Horoscopes and the cosmos are for a mind that’s meek We romanticize as shortcuts to answers we seek. Yet we

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Beauty in finally hearing him confess

He was a strong man, the strongest I knew, but see, he was hurt a long time ago and ever since, he has not trusted many people. So when he does, it is beautiful. It is more beautiful than seeing a butterfly take its first flight. More beautiful even than watching the first flower of

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