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Current updates

Hey guys, what’s up everyone- how are you doing today? I am doing good, well thanks for asking. Can’t say that for the weather though, it’s so hot and humid in Kolkata now, I want to cry my eyes out. Anyways, so as you know that I had my birthday a few days back, I

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Cheesy Liquid

Well, I had quite the day, m literally eating in huge amounts since morning. Just see for yourselves guys… Homemade Rava idlis made by mom, then momos….heaven. Momos are totally my favorite, if you live in India then you would know what I mean. After these had one milkshake, just look at it. The bottle

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You know you are a foodie, when you can’t stop thinking about it…

Sorry guys but couldn’t resist myself from posting these, before I make them disappear like a hungry panda. 😂💗💗 My motto is to eat healthy food, and if it’s made by my momma then not another word… damn… I still can’t cook like my mom. 😢 Here are some pictures guys, you know who made

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