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You Taste Like Ivory

  her body endures scars each night, with no one to turn to, she bottles it all in with unsaturated doses of whiskey, while waiting impatiently for the sweet release of death. she finally got to witness death, it came rather late than she hoped for, but it did came, and only one color was

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Truth or dare, choose one

I loved you every day as the very first day and the very last I saw nothing else but you and felt all There could have ever been Brief little lightning ripples through me Through the wind They flower in your footsteps Yet form a fading path, not to you But to the abyss of

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As summer comes to an end

time clashes it’s whip against the fantasy of this world for mourning is to come, as anticipated but I look into your eyes and I see the ocean and it’s gems endless and shimmering with affection and acceptance I press my sneakers between the railings and screech embers fling from my mouth for I have

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