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I drink wine and I know things

I need someone; Who will speak prayers between my legs Recite “Our Father” on my skin Whisper “Hail Mary”s along with their tongue Let me turn water into wine Two lovers to one. Alas, it all seems like a distant dream now. Follow @pia.majumdar for more. Advertisements

Pretty girls don’t light their own cigarettes

I can feel my lungs collapsing with every shallow breath and I can’t decide if it’s the holes left behind, from cigarette smoke burns, Or the pieces of me that followed behind you. It’s 1:05 now and as much as I keep trying to warp the truth, the minutes tick on leaving me stranded in

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Little update, something exciting coming up

Hey guys, hows your day going so far? I have a little announcement to make, something exciting is coming up soon. I am currently writing my next story, I will post it one by one on my wattpad account- @piamajumdar Brace yourselves for a wild and fun-filled emotional ride coming your way. All I can

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All new quotes, and a special one too

Hey guys, what’s up with you? I hope everyone is enjoying Monday, unlike me 😉 Here’s a new post consisting of my latest quotes from Instagram. Let me know which one you liked the most, also read till the end, there’s a special quote-post today 🙂 ❤ And now time for the special one……read it.

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