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A mistake to you

I only wish to be by your side I wish for it every single night, but you didn’t bring me along for the ride, in fact, you didn’t take notice until I was out of sight. Bury me alive, don’t leave me at the door. I’ve been stretching this drive down to the corner store.

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For now…I understand

for now I have been caught in the glimpse of you, and now I understand. you are a nomad in the wind, a nomad in the sunless afternoon, whose soul runs restlessly wild. and though your stay may be short, to not live these moments with you at all, it would certainly would have been

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Left flowers for him

when i left you i left you with words. words i regret. they taint my dreams with delicate pain and even music cannot block them out because the music is you you are everything! everywhere. you are the green waves on a Summer’s morning you are the sushi shop down the road you are the

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as the stars trickle down from the sky they take the form of raindrops every time they splatter down on me I feel every shattered aspiration in those little splashes of starbursts I feel them stab into me demanding to be set free. crushing a dream is like ripping the wings from a butterfly and

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What does hope look like?

This one means a lot to me, kind of got emotional towards the end. Let me know how was this for you, cheers guys ❤ ❤ Hope looked like red. As my father laid on uneven ground, Blood seething from his gunshot wound, While he slumped in a puddle of red liquid, Looking towards my

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Doesn’t hurt anymore

He winces from the pain, She bleeds from her bruises, While they watch and laugh together. It hurts to move. He wants to slit his wrists, She cries herself to sleep, And they have no regrets. It hurts to blink. He vows to fight them, She promises to stand up, But they hit back harder.

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Invisible, but sees everything

I keep seeing spirits in front of my eyes white wisps of smoke floating by why are these ghosts taking shelter in my mind? They do not belong here am I just turning into a ghost myself? No one sees me, no one knows am I invisible? Yes. Better luck next time finding you. I

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The Year 1999, Breakup Cafe

The year 1999, when there were no breakups, only heartbreaks. It was 2:30 AM and Daksh kept checking his phone. He was sitting on a chair with his legs propped on the table. The table was neatly arranged with a few books from his college days and a notepad that he always kept with him

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Wouldn’t hurt you to click

So what’s up people, what are you doing? Didn’t forget me I hope 😉 Posted a new podcast, after so long……feels awesome. Listen to it and let me know how it was. ❤ Click on the link down below or listen on Spotify 🙂 🙂 ❤ https://anchor.fm/piamajumdar/embed/episodes/Set-goals-to-achieve-your-dreams–finding-peace-in-the-process-e3b6el/a-ab2cp7

Someone’s stalking me

While I was sleeping peacefully in the morning, my mom was getting angry with the passing of each second. “Tia, don’t you have class today? Why are sleeping till 9 today, wake up” mom shouted in my ear. “Yes mom, wait a sec”. “No, you won’t once I leave the room, wait” mom left the

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