Tag: suspense

A cup of whiskey

Today I poured a cup of whiskey for a man that’ll never drink it, The bartender said, “where’s your friend”? “In heaven” I replied. Her face looked solemn, And for a second I swear I saw her have a flashback in her eyes, She poured another cup of whiskey, “For the ones that left too

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I’m not going anywhere, baby.

I strained a smile and sipped from my cup. “It’s going to be okay, Rohan,” Tia said, leaning over the table to touch my hand. The lights flickered; I pulled my hand away, anxiety filling my stomach. She was confused. “I’m sure she’ll be found, you just need faith.” “Sure,” I responded, taking another sip.

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Don’t underestimate the little girl

It was quiet. My boss ordered me to check out this abandoned mental hospital. What he didn’t tell me was that the hospital was out in the middle of nowhere. As I was paying attention to the road, driving slow, and something jarred me from my thoughts. A white figure seemingly splotched with blood, or

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