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How far I’ve reached

If I must, It’s best if I drown at sea. Under shimmering light, Breathing in gulps of saltwater. Slipping away from my life The ocean would hardly notice if I spent the eternity there. I would puncture the surface To take my last breath of air. I’m still waiting, Happy faces, old memories, familiar feelings.

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Its always been you

One of my – Favorite Place, there is no comparison to watch sunrise sitting on the beach. Rise up and shine, as the calm water soothes you, taking your trouble away with its gentle touch. At least that’s what I did when I had to wake up so early to capture these shots 😉 As

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Hello guys, it’s such a relief to post something after such a long time, sorry I was away on a holiday to Shillong  and Meghalaya,it’s such a serene and silent place, but now that I am back I am going to share all those amazing and awesome 2017 pictures with you guys, starting from this

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