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My heart skipped a beat

“Can’t you see I’m sick?” said my aunt reading a newspaper on a sunny morning in the winter season as leaves from the trees above her, fell one by one on her lap while she sips her morning batch of alcohol without paying attention to what I had to say. “I’m hungry,” I said thinking

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We both failed, together

Everything changed the year that we got married.And after that, we moved out to the suburbs.How young we were, how ignorant, how readyto think the only history was our own. A captive, hostage of your vicious anger.The facade of your caring baby blue eyesnow contorted with vicious cruelty.My once unbroken bodynow a mess of tangled

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For You Momma

Lost in deep thoughts, suddenly a warm touch caressed my hairs and finally rested on my shoulder… It’s been far too long, stop thinking about what happened And look forward what is yet to happpen. The words struck with me ever since. – Pia Majumdar This is for you momma, my constant inspiration, my buddy

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